Our current Power Supply Program:
SYKO, Expert in Power Electronics
Custom equipment
Industrial systems
DC/DC modules, Universal power supplies, Regeneratores up to 2kW,
Batterie chargers up to >4,5kW, Single-/Three-phase sine wave inverters up tp 6kW
Power Electronic on batteries, traction line, UIC-voltages
Standard and custom designed solutions
DRR 1000 3-ph inverter
Frontend-unit for UIC-high voltage bus
with series connected functional units
Modular components
Cornerstone for the competence area
of 1000V 16,7Hz UIC-level
Intelligent start battery charging
Generation of a seperated
voltage level for start operation
Emergency ventilation
for rolling stock applications

Railway carriages are air-conditioned
and windows cannot be opened
Three phase inverter on traction line
Power increase to 10kW with
product improvement of DRR02 series,
wich is a sine wave inverter for
600/750V DC-traction line inverters
acc. EN 50163