Power supplies for measurement instrumentations

Next to the very wide input ranges for different battery voltages (logistic advance), SYKO also uses patented switching topologies with very high efficiencies, which are easy to realize with good noise suppression to the input and output.

With a one- or more-step-technology unipolar or multiopolar outputs are build up without intercircuit interferences between the outputs. Ripple, spikes and common-mode-disturbances are suppressed to minimal values.

Is it necessary to bidge power failures or interuptions for seconds because of loose contacts, start activities or lightning strikes, so SYKO uses a active storage time to keep a constant bridging - independent of the input voltage. Your measuring datas are saved.

Mobile UPS-solutions with active storage time allow bridging times for data capturing up to more than an hour. Wherever measurement equipment runs with increased requirements, SYKO deals with shock-, vibration-, climatic-, temperature- and elektrical-/mechanical-issues according to the customer spcification.

As a customer-specific global supplier we deal with the innovative demands of our customers.
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