Power supplies for automotive-applications

Systems can get supplied with voltage ranges of 4 V - 36 V DC/ 6 V - 60 V DC and 9V - 70V/100V dyn. Start-load dumps even with a low battery and dynamic over voltages have no influence. SYKO demonstrated with it's research and development department that DC/DC-converter without galvanic isolation work with input voltages of 28 to 450 V (fuel-cell) with battery management of 100 W with an efficacy of >87 % and front-end supplies (series BOS) up to 2 kW.

With an isolated converter SYKO masters with the patent of the one-step Regenerator-Topology and current cascade connexion of the 100 W class - with a controlled output voltage of 12 / 24 / 48 / 60 / 110 V - unipolar and multiple. In case of the very wide input voltage range (8 - 58) V we fill without problems the requirements of the VG 96916 / DIN ISO 7637 and MIL 1275 for automotive-applications. The thermal load remains harmless at efficiency of 88 %.

So SYKO shows again the evidence to be very innovative and we do what we govern, to standard. For the use at the dual-electrical-system the patented Regenerator-Topology - whose controlled and short-circuit window output can be lower, equal and higher than the extreme fluctuations of input voltage - has itself maintained as a safety topology for the substitute of an buck-boost topology.

As a customer-specific global supplier we deal with the innovative demands of our customers.

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