Custom designed modifications are our standard

As a customer-specific global supplier, we know: "customer-specific means satisfying innovative demands". SYKO is a top address for innovative system solutions
General informations:  
  30 and more custom designed modification per year
  extreme requirements
  shock, vibration
  supply fluctuations
  disturbances, lightning strikes, load throw-off in inductive networks
  network interruptions
  voltage interruptions by starting activities
  innovative, patented topologies
  step-up- step-down converter with or without isolation
  Regenerator topology (US pat. no. 5.991.166, D. pat. no. 195 15 210)
Input values:  
  24 / 36 / 48 / 60 / 96 / 110V batteries
  13,5 - 154 V in one range + transienten up to 300 V
  12 / 24 / 42V batteries
  4 - 38 / 6 - 38 / 9 - 85V + transients up to 110V
  18V DC - 264V AC (universal input)
  400V - 1200V DC
  600V - 1600V DC
  680V - 5000V DC/AC + transients up to 16 kV / 2 ms
Output values:  
  up to >15 output voltages
  no load proof, short circuit proof, over load protected, no intercircuit interferences
  output voltage 2 - 640V with input voltage ranges up to 1:20
  with or without galvanic isolation
System extensions:  
  active transient filter
(SYKO patent-no. 0402367 + 3804074) for inrush current limiting and overvoltage protection (transienten kill)
  active hold-up time
10ms - 1s by DC- and AC-input, constant from min. to max. input voltage
  extension of active hold-up time
with capacitors up to seconds or with batteries/accus up to hours
  additional outputs
free of transients and EMC-"clean", with or without galvanic isolation from the input potential

  disengageable outputs

  combination of low- and high voltage outputs
with very wide input ranges

  readjustment of outputs
with approx. 100mV dropout voltage per 5A output current

  controlled outputs
with total output power of the supply for heating or cooling with polarity change (peltier-elements)
  setpoint values
with reference voltage or reference current

  actual values
as reference voltage or reference current

  inverse-polarity protection
passiv (diode) or activ (reduce of power dissipation)

  increase of power and input voltage
with cascaded Regenerator-power stages
US pat. no. 6.094.366, D. pat. no. 195 05 417
  one-step PFC
on AC-input voltages up to 2100V / 16,3 up to 60Hz as sinus or square wave signal
  minimal modification times
6 - 10 weeks from incoming order till delivery of the first preseries

When the market talks about developing or modifikation costs of 50000 euro, SYKO shows according to the customer satisfaction very flexible costs with an average of 10000 euro. This is shown by a variety of new designs, which will be finished continuously and parallel in the next time.

From the customer view SYKO is not just known as a supplier of a niche market, but rather known as a partner to find solutions for the inhouse-demands on a global customer-specific market. If you check up the market of power supply manufactures you will find a lot of suppliers. Even if customers expects prices based on standard products, the customer must still decide how important it is to satisfy his innovative demands. So the customers have to learn not just to compare and calculate price and power, but rather to calculate price and functionality.